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Deal of the Month

We've just acquired two bulk trucks and a single-pumper, and we're willing to part with all three for just $250,000! To sweeten the pot even more, and as you can see, each unit is in great condition and ready to help turbocharge your cementing operations. Contact us today for more!


Item WO503

With a single 4.5" TWS-600S pump supporting 6,290 PSI as the centerpiece (one truck has an Omega, the other an SPM), these trucks have more than enough firepower to kick your cementing operation into gear. Also included: twin 10 bbl displacement tanks, a Micro-Motion densometer, and a 4x3x13 Mission Magnum Sandmaster centrifugal pump.


A 3,200-pound capacity crane and a full complement of compartments highlight this versatile truck, a 2000 International 4700 good for just about any type of service. It has an automatic transmission with 62,586 miles and 6,640 hours on the engine.



18% off!


Convenience is the name of the game with these units, with features like an enclosed cabin for the operator and a catwalk running between the twin Detroit Diesel 60 Series engines. The well service pumps are 4" MSI 600S series, supported by Mission Magnum centrifugal pumps.


Item WO463

A sturdy International chassis with just over 100,000 miles is the foundation for each all-inclusive unit with everything you need for the cementing process. Both feature a single triplex well service pump, twin 500-gallon acid tanks, a batch tank, a Micro-Motion densometer, and a 4x3x13 Mission Magnum Sandmaster centrifugal pump.


Item WO165

While these batch mixers are different in some ways - for example, one has a Perkins engine, while the other has a Caterpillar C7 - they do have plenty in common like Mission centrifugal pumps for slurry and water, and (obviously) twin 50 bbl batch tanks. And, of course, the service of our world-class fab shop to make sure they're humming.



50% off!


Item WO267

A 2005 Peterbilt chassis carries this RCM cementer, which also features a 4.5" BJ Pacemaker pump for well service. Other highlights include twin 10 bbl displacement tanks and a 5 bbl mixing tub, as well as a 5.9 liter Cummins hydraulic pony motor, a Micro Motion densometer, Sauer Danfoss hydraulics, and all centrifugal pumps and controls needed to operate the unit.


Item WFS-526

With twin 600S triplex well service pumps, Mission 6x5x11 and 4x3x13 centrifugal pumps, and a Serva 6x5 recirculating pump, you can't go wrong with one of our custom-built cementers. The unit includes a Peterbilt chassis, a 4700 OFS Allison powershift automatic transmission, and a two-compartment displacement tank with a 10 BBL capacity in each compartment.


Item WO559

Two ASME pressure vessels with a capacity of 330 cubic feet each stand ready to help meet your bulk storage needs. The trailer also features a Deutz diesel engine and a Gardner Denver model ATLE6B compressor with a maximum discharge pressure of 60 PSI.


Take care of your on-site storage needs - whether cement or other powdered bulk materials - with these four trailer-mounted field storage bins, each with a capacity of 400 cubic feet. Two full four-bin units are available.


With two 750-gallon tanks on board, simple controls, an Allison automatic transmission, a centrifugal pump for intake, a triplex pump for delivery, and a Peterbilt chassis to carry all of it, this acid truck is an ideal addition to your operation. 


Carrying twin 600S power ends driven by CAT C-15s with 565 horsepower, as well as a CAT 3126 hydraulic engine, this on-site trailer can easily meet your acidification needs. Each of the two acid tanks hold 420 gallons, and the unit also features a 6x5x11 centrifugal boost pump and a 4x3x13 centrifugal water pump.


Whether thawing a patch of earth, curing concrete, or simply just heating up your workspace, these ground heaters - able to cover up to 6,000 square feet - are the right piece of equipment for the job.


17% off!


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