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Getting Blasted

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

On one of my first days here, I walked around to take some pictures. Of what, I wasn't exactly sure at that point, but this was one of them.

In my mind, it was a good shot - it has a logo hit (obviously), while showing a little bit of grit, a few random parts and tools, and even the shell of a triplex pump on the floor there. It more or less conveys most of what a Summit Sales & Equipment marketing person wants to convey. Or I'm horrible at my job, either way. But I thought enough of it to make it the very first picture ever on this blog, and also use it on our website.

So, as it turns out, that blue thing isn't just a flat surface for a logo decal. It's a sand blaster. Here's a present-day overview. We've cleaned up a lot since the first picture.

You can see that air tank to the right there, obviously a crucial part of the setup. Sand doesn't blast itself.

The actual operation of the thing is a tad bit anticlimactic compared to a restraint test, sorry about that. But here's 24 seconds of it.

And here's what it looks like through that window. When it's off. I wasn't going to be obnoxiously intrusive, I felt a little weird even just standing eight feet away to take the video.

Does it work? I don't know, you tell me. Here's what things look like before they go in, with rust, corrosion, random crud, and whatever else comes with being used in this context everywhere.

And here's what they look like after. Pretty nice.

Spring has sprung.

Anyone else reminded, at least a little bit, of The Simpsons intro, where Homer's handling the uranium rod that ends up in his shirt through a similar setup (update: I just rewatched the intro and it's not actually a similar setup, he's just in a regular protective suit...memory is a heck of a thing)? Which is at least a little weird, because he's never shown working in that context on the show, he's in the room with the big console thingy that can somehow cause meltdowns with the single press of a button.

I hope to tell you more about that after they let me try the thing out eventually. Hey, I finally made it on to the platform of a body load double, why not?

Happy three days after St. Patrick's Day!

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