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Welcome back to the tour of Summit Sales & Equipment's Bridgeport, West Virginia location! If you're just catching up, we've already dropped off the hardbander that was the purpose for our trip down south, and explored our pipe inspection facility in part one. I'm not going to claim that you'll be completely lost here if you don't start at the beginning, but I can claim that I'll be sad if you don't read all of my posts.

What the heck is a hardbander anyway? Glad you asked, because we've gone into that too.

Okay now that that business is out of the way, let's head down the road a bit from the inspection site to our main West Virginia office and iron re-certification HQ.

Actually though, let's start directly across the street from there.

Yikes, that sky looks pretty threatening, we better hustle.

Inside of that second building is a small warehouse. Although, obviously, our main warehouse is back up in Wooster and carries our full line of parts, West Virginia still has a nice selection of items relevant to what they're doing, like valves. Lots of valves, especially plug valves and butterfly valves.

Since we've already broken the seal on shamelessly linking ourselves, here's more about plug valves.


...there's a little room off to the left from that overview photo that has more WV-relevant products like whip checks. Have I mentioned that we do restraint testing and sales down there? There's a post about that one too.

Okay, okay I'm done, I promise. That last one was kind of a reach, sorry. Anyway, let's step out into the yard.

What our inspection facility is to drillpipe, this place is to iron. Some of it is old, some of it is new, some of it is borrowed, some of it is blue. I mostly stuck to the new (or at least freshly-painted) because it looks nicer. We don't really have the equivalent of the fake food they use in advertising in our industry, so you take what you can get.

More plug valves too. I was told that before we acquired our inspection site, we actually kept all of the drillpipe here as well. That had to be pretty crowded.

Of course, it takes a lot to get things to that nice painted stage.

Documentation is key. This stuff, all eight billion pieces lying around, has serial numbers, which is pretty common knowledge I assume, but it's still beyond crazy to me - there's a very good reason I use a clipboard in most of my re-cert marketing. In fact, we're not done with clipboards in this post yet.

Also, my guy is wearing one of the Summit hats that I bought, since buying the company merch is part of my job. They're not mandatory or anything, so I appreciate the vote of approval.

Heading back across the street (into the back of the first building pictured in this post) offers a look at the shop where most of the magic happens. Hey, there's another clipboard.

Then someone came back and started using the clipboard, which pretty objectively makes it a better photo, but I'll give you both because I'm in a good mood. Just next to that... the nook where the high-pressure testing takes place. Unfortunately, I didn't get to witness any of that, just a wrestling match with a swivel joint. Here's an old photo of testing that probably appears elsewhere on our website. Too bad for me, looks like fun.

Of course there's often work that needs to be done on all of these pieces, so we have that covered too.

I lingered on him longer than usual, he then asked me if I wanted his autograph. I told him that it depends on how well this post does. If you actually clicked on the thing and read this far down, that's a good sign I suppose.

Hope you enjoyed this look at our West Virginia location, it was a nice experience visiting and developing a little more familiarity with some of our key services. What are those services again? Glad you asked.

Be sure to contact us for all of your inspection and recertification needs, and I'll talk to you once you do that!

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