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The Link-Up: 11/29

Welcome back to The Link-Up, your rundown of our favorite stories from the past sev...errr 14 days in the oil and gas industry!

Energy Digital

Before I worked here, I always thought Alaska was like this huge oil state, maybe behind only Texas. It kinda is, but it's also kinda not - as the article points out, its production has been in decline for 15 years. That might be changing with advancing technology, new estimates of recoverable resources, and the show-out on the bidding from this latest round of leases.

ThisWeek Community News

Utica Resources donated a new Chrysler Pacifica to the Guernsey County Community Development Corporation, which will be used for a CDC program that transports local veterans to their medical appointments. So that's pretty wonderful. But you have to admit that it's at least a little funny that they got a hybrid (in order to save the CDC money on fuel costs).


A historic train station is roaring back to life after being shuttered three years ago, thanks in part to Marcellus Shale Impact Fee money. Gosh, this is all so horrible.


Hey, you guys should build a pipeline or something.

Ohio dot com

Hey, you guys should build some terminals and pipelines too (they are, but the joke doesn't work if you acknowledge that...oh wait).

Raleigh News & Observer

Wait, what's wrong with the current fracking that we need to be messing around with pig poop?

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

Leading up to the recent election, Colorado was among the most-discussed states thanks to Prop 112 and a hotly-contested gubernatorial race, among other things. After the election, however, it still rates up there, particularly in oil and gas as the industry simultaneously celebrates 112's defeat and wonders what will happen next in light of the Democrats winning both the legislature and the governor's chair. Outgoing term-limited governor John Hickenlooper (a former oil and gas geologist, so obviously pretty industry friendly) believes incoming Jared Polis will do a good job balancing industrial and environmental interests, however.

Colorado Springs Gazette

Following up on that, here's an interesting, multi-faceted look at Colorado as we now know it - with particular emphasis on the idea that the newly-elected Democratic majorities could shoot themselves in the foot for the next cycle by pushing regulation too aggressively.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Boom. Here's 10 hours of an American flag waving in HD (I wouldn't joke about this).

See you next week!

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