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Summit Sales & Equipment is the leading distributor for BJ Pacemaker pumps and parts - from plungers to covers, and even specialty tools, we have it or can get it

Reach the Top with Us!


Since Norwalk, Ohio native Byron Jackson opened his first shop in 1872, his name has been synonymous with quality engines and pumping parts. And while that original company has changed hands a couple times since then, one thing that remains to this day is his BJ Pacemaker triplex pump, renowned for decades for their power and efficiency.

At Summit Sales & Equipment, we use BJ Pacemakers every day in our fabrication projects. Combine that with our on-site pump repair shop and parts warehouse, and toss in our legendary service, and there's really no reason to look elsewhere for anything you need. Contact us today so we can help you reach the top!

Bearings & Sleeves ● Counter Shafts ● Covers ● Crankshafts ● Crossheads ● Discharge Manifolds ● Gaskets ● O-Ring Kits ● Packing Glands ● Pins ● Plungers ● Screens ● Seal Kits ● Spacers ● Specialty Tools ● Studs ● Stuffing Boxes ● Suction Manifolds ● Valves, Seats, & Springs ● Washers

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