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Show Some Restraint

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Today on the blog, I thought we'd do something a little different, and maybe even fun.

Just to set things up, I'm currently in the middle of redesigning our presentation folder, which is essentially a folder (obviously) and a bunch of flyers in the folder that cover our company, the products and services we offer, and things like that. I'm pretty happy with how it came out, so maybe I'll share here once I've had a couple people look at it.

Anyway, among the things briefly mentioned in the folder are iron and hose restraints. I wasn't entirely sure what those even were when I got started, but one of my co-workers tossed me a link to the line of them that we offer to get my knowledge base up to where it needed to be for flyer purposes.

Most of you know this far better than I do, but these things basically help keep things like, well, iron and hoses that transport things at very high pressures from flying all over the place when they fail. There are tons of videos out there that show what happens when things go wrong, and feel free to find them if you want, but since people can get seriously injured or killed in those situations, we'll stick to an old testing video with fake people involved.

That video transitions into some contemporary testing in its second half, but lets get another one of those in, because I find them amazing. So should you, because who doesn't like watching watermelons get wrecked?

Obviously, there are numerous different varieties and classifications of restraints, and the best one sort of depends on what you're restraining, the PSI of what it's carrying, and other factors. Just to offer a little more representation, here's a choker securing some 1502 iron through a pretty solid explosion. For those about to rock, we salute you:

To be honest, the whole thing is pretty daunting, even if you're just a marketing guy trying to come up with literally three bullet points for a flyer. The good news is that we have very smart people that can help out with that, and even do some testing for you. Once you're done with the rabbit hole of YouTube testing videos (and it may take a while, since they're entertaining and there are a lot of them), give our West Virginia location a call at 304-933-3493 or toss an email to

Stay safe out there,

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