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Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Let's get right to the point of this post: we have a new product!

A product launch at Summit Sales & Equipment is not the polished operation you might expect with a guy like me in charge, believe it or not. Basically, I was in the middle of designing our ad for the upcoming 2018 Ohio Oil and Gas Association membership directory. It's going to be a full page and it's going to be awesome, so be sure to look out for that, whenever that's published.

So basically, I'm working on the ad and a super important guy bursts in the door like "KYLE! THIS THING! NEW! PHOTOS!" Okay he was way nicer than that, but the point remained that I had better get some photos of what he was carrying before he needed to take it somewhere else and figure out how to share them with the world.

Here's part of that sharing. Behold! A valve handle extension!

I don't do vertical photos very often, but felt like it was worth it here. If you want location context, that's a boulder in front of our office building, about ten feet from my car. I was so hyped to be able to use sunlight instead of dingy fab shop fluorescents for once that I forgot to bring the memory card out the first time. I bet those ones were really good too.

Anyway, the product itself, like so many things in the industry, is kind of simple, but also kind of brilliant. And heavy. Everything is very heavy in this world, even the foam stuff. You can see that you more or less have your standard butterfly valve at the bottom. Looks like a four-incher there.

At the top, of course, is a butterfly valve handle. But not even just the handle, that would be kind of problematic, we also have that little steel plate thing that holds the handle in position. Always important when you have a bunch of PSIs of whatever gushing through and against the valve.

In between those two ends of course, and best seen in the first photo, is the actual extension part of the valve handle extension, which adds length for your manually operated valves that are in harder-to-reach places and transmits the handle position down to the main stem of the lower valve, holding the disc exactly as open (or not) as you need it to be.

That's... pretty much it. It's a simple tool, but one that fills a need and solves an annoying issue. Did I mention that we have these just sitting around if you need one? Well, we do. And, hey look, here's a page with all of the contact information you could ever possibly need, including people local to you if you're in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or the mid-continent.

I think Henry (a very, very good boy) has to go out, I better wrap this up.

Talk to you next time!

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