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Summit Sales & Equipment is the leader in fluid end expertise and maintenance


If you're using a fluid end, you're going to need a valve seat puller kit. Fluid end maintenance, including valve and seat changes, is crucial to keeping your pump running as safely and efficiently as possible. And if you need a seat puller, you might as well get it from people who know fluid ends better than anyone: Summit Sales & Equipment.



Quick Release Valve Seat Pullers

from Acumen International

The transformative technology behind the Quick Release Valve Seat Puller with its pass-through heads have already become an industry favorite, and it's easy to see why: they're 50-70% faster than traditional pullers, can be operated by one person, they're extremely safe - including zero pinch points - and they're compatible both with existing puller parts and with most types of valve seats.

Don't believe us? Watch the demonstration below, then get in touch, since Summit Sales & Equipment is an exclusive distributor of Acumen's line of quick release pullers in the Northeast and Rocky Mountain regions. 

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