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Welcome back to our frac truck rebuild! If you're new to these posts, you can get caught up here. You don't have to do that, but you'll be hurting our website's engagement numbers and making me sad if you don't.

Probably the most visible change this week is the emergence of iron, or "arn" as a lot of people say, particularly in our West Virginia office. This big ol' frac pump is going to be discharging like the beast that it is.

The Thunder Gun Express continues all the way to the front, although it's not entirely hooked up yet.

Let's head upstairs, even though there's still not a ton going on. Not that the beginnings of the hydraulic and lubrication systems aren't important, but there's going to be plenty more to come up here and it's nice to get a good baseline on things.

Here's the rest of what's going on at the fab shop today... there's just a forklift in the one bay behind me, don't worry, you're not missing anything there. I know I post one of these every time, but I was scared that I'd break something (either from the truck or my body) if I climbed up for like a year, so I'm going to overkill it now.

I actually just finished doing some marketing materials related to instrumentation, including things like diaphragm protectors, so it seemed like I should take a picture of them from above. Here's another recent one, covering transducers. These are things that we sell, and you should buy them. So take a look and give us a call.

Oh, I also did a blog post entirely about diaphragm protectors one time, where I mentioned that the frac truck that we ended up tearing apart to rebuild for this project was for sale. Sometimes it's fun to look back on things like that. That post is ranked 14th on Google for "diaphragm protector," which isn't bad, but if you guys all could please click on that link and help get it to page one, I'd really appreciate it.

Welding interlude! I feel obligated to mention that he's just doing spot welds, and that he has gloves, sleeves, and glasses on. You guys always get on my case about PPE if I post something like this, so we'll get that out up front.

I actually posted something close to this exact photo last time, but I took that one in the afternoon, and the sunlight absolutely wrecked the thing. This time, I went up around 8:15 in the morning, before the sun was in full force. I don't know why it took me two years to think to do that, don't ask.

Let's wrap this thing up with some overview shots, since the sun thing is usually what keeps me from taking a ton of those, especially from the back angles.

Definitely excited to see where things head from here. I'm sure we'll be up on the platform a ton more as things start to fall in place there, and obviously there are tons of hoses and wires that need to go in all over the place. So see you next time for some of that stuff, and maybe something else I'm forgetting, we'll see.

Happy National Make A Dog's Day! Do something nice for your furbaby today and every day!

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