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Automatic Renewal

All previous posts about this project can be found here.

Okay, right off the top, I know I didn't write a post last week, sorry about that. But that's mostly because there wasn't a ton of new stuff that was readily apparent in photographs. Although we're still waiting on most of the data and control stuff for the platform, by and large, the thing has taken its final shape. A lot of the stuff from here will be kind of hard to notice if you're not the people who actually have to do it. I'm not one of those people, and you probably aren't either (although huge shoutout if you work here and are actually reading an update post about your work during your break or off time).

If I'm being honest, that's still mostly the case this week, but in the name of staying in touch, let's take some current photos anyway and try to find some new angles while doing so.

Mannnn look at those shiny diaphragm protectors. Know anyone who always has a bunch of them in stock, along with the gauges they protect, transducers and cables if that's your flavor, chart recorders (which are ridiculously cool in my opinion) and pretty much everything else in the world of instrumentation? Yes, you do.

I can't remember if I fully charted the course of this iron before, but now I definitely have. Hey, you know who's an official FMC distributor? Buy some swivel joints because you're never going to get where you want to go in a straight line.

Starting in on the taillights, this is getting pretty serious, folks. Let's work in a big overview to close this segment, even though there's a very bright and very white reason that I hate doing overview shots. Just trying to give the people what they want: gauges, FMC butterfly valves, and overview shots.

The star attraction today though, at least in my mind, is the original chassis that we tore apart to get the guts for this new frac truck. Here's what it looked like before any of this started, in case you forgot (or never knew in the first place, I'm aware of our traffic numbers).

Here's the thing when it was emptied out.

And here it is this morning.

I suppose this begs the question of what happened to the truck that originally had the giant winch on it and now doesn't, therefore keeping the chain of sacrificed chassis going, but that's not my concern. I don't know that truck and therefore won't worry about it. What I do know is that we'll keep an additional eye on this one as it moves forward.

Drink up boys, it's going to be a big day. After all...

Happy National Doughnut Day!

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