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Drawing Blanks

We'll start this update back on Santa Trai, just because it's been a minute.

Hey girl.

Our first love is closer to finished than not at this point, so there isn't always going to be a ton of noticeable work that makes for a fantastic blog post. There are still a bunch of things that need to be connected to the control panel though, clearly.

The attention to detail is always something that impresses me - everything is labeled. Actuator 1 (in the top photo) gets wire 1, and just underneath that, we have all of the fives lined up and ready to go. Quality stuff.

Next up, we have 448 (still looking for cutesy names for the numbers-only projects, of course, suggestions welcome), and...

Shocks are always kind of cool looking too. But that's about it there. Moving on.

We took a pretty good look at 441 just a couple days ago, so we won't get too involved there either, but for those who didn't read that post (we're now fighting), I took an interest in all of the "cave drawings" directly on the parts/chassis/etc., including this one...

...with a promise to revisit that. Here's some revisiting.

That last one kind of reminds me of the Nirvana logo in a weird way, with the Xs and an (upside down here) smile. Maybe Jack Skellington's mouth.

Oh, by the way, fender's off again. Huh?

Closest to the door: we sure do love blue stuff around here. Credit to people who have been around far longer than I for already knowing how to stay on #brand. I got nothing, sorry.

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