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Graduation Day

This post's title wasn't all that cryptic, but in case you didn't immediately put it together: Yet another of our projects is ready to move to that great oilfield in the sky. Nah, unless we've developed some really cool technology I haven't heard about yet, the oilfield will probably be on earth, but that's not the expression. The project in question? WFS-448, one of the first we ever tracked on here.

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It's been a little bit, so let's quickly review. I usually like to toss in a before photo at this point, and this is as "before" as it gets, we were with this one all the way from its days as an empty chassis early this year.

Feel free to check the "all posts" link above to see this truck at its various stages of completion, that's literally what the link is there for.

We've also tested it, of course. There's David, the Ragin' Cajun himself. Nah, he's actually a super nice guy, it's just that everyone not from Louisiana slaps that label on everyone from Louisiana. Of course, he went to the university with that nickname too (notice the mug), which maybe gives me a pass this one time.

Naturally, you guys are probably here to see the finished product photos. That's why I deliberately put them at the bottom to make you at least scroll past the other stuff. But here you go, enjoy!

Thanks, as always, for following the work of our amazing fab shop! I suppose it's now time to go find out what's coming next up there!

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