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The Payoff

Remember WFS-441? Of course you do. We came to call it Solo, but it was also referred to as 441 OOPS because, well...

Here's what it looked like when we first made acquaintances. We didn't catch it right at the beginning, but pretty close to it nevertheless.

Well, I'm happy to report that three short months later, Solo is back from being painted, and...


So I'm going to do two things I've never tried before on here: 1. the gallery feature on the Wix blogging platform so I can pack more photos in that I could otherwise and 2. shutting up for a minute so you can enjoy them.

In all sincerity, seeing my first project from (near enough that I'm counting it) start to finish has been tremendously satisfying. Of all of my photography missions, roughly 98% are to check up on things that are in various stages of "not done." But, for the first time, this is in the other 2% without having more or less been served up to me (I still remember that my first major set of photos was a finished pump skid that I didn't see being built, for example). I had to be patient with this one, and the payoff was more than worth it.

As always, all the credit in the world to the hard-working men and women back in building three. It really is so phenomenal how they can take literally just a truck chassis and get this beautiful-looking acid truck together in a relatively short time, a gigantic thing that has complexity and engineering behind it well beyond what I've figured out so far.

Actually, I'm a bit premature in calling it finished, because there is one more quick thing it needs after we parked it out in front of our office building for this photo shoot (shoutout to Jill and Jen, who jumped outside to watch me take the pictures, you can see them in the one shot): signage and lights. Back to the fab shop we go, one last time.

Built by Summit Sales & Equipment, Wooster, OH. Sure was. We (well, they, I mostly just write Instagram captions and paid search keywords) built the heck out of that one.

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