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Love for the Engine

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Today, our journey to the Summit Sales & Equipment fab shop will once again focus on WFS-441 which, of course, received a brief (re-)introduction last time. There's been a lot happening with it over the last few days, so let's jump right into it.

/grunting noises

Two types of people in the world: those who appreciate rather large engines and idiots. Hopefully you're in the former, otherwise this is going to get awkward pretty quickly.

People sometimes say things like "Kyle is the Mercedes of oil and gas industry bloggers" (just as one example), so when you have an actual Mercedes, that's pretty good. Poor Karl Benz. All that guy did was invent the first true automobile, and he ended up with second billing, where he gets left off half of the time (including by me just now). Mercedes didn't even do anything, she was the daughter of a guy who did, and he named his car after her. Now you know.

There was newness beyond the engine too.

I've come to learn that the early stages and the late stages are the most fun parts. Early on, you get to see a lot of big pieces come into place quickly. At the end, of course, everything gets painted and looks amazing. The middle is where it gets a bit tedious, as fine, but essential, details that don't necessarily make for a great picture are addressed.

They like to listen to classic rock in the fab shop. Last time I was there, Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven was playing. Just missed on that one, with the ladder as a new feature today. However, as I was taking this photo, Guns N' Roses' Knocking on Heaven's Door was on. I suppose you could do something with that and the glimpse of the more finished product through there, so not a total loss.

I'm obligated to point out that we sell nipples. And that you can download a copy of our catalog. And that you can contact us for a quote when you're ready to buy some nipples, or anything else in the catalog, for that matter.

One quick overview...

...before a quick update on WFS-448, which we've also featured here. She's just hanging around.

Closest to the door: a bunch of stuff reminding me of how dirty my car is.

In case you somehow haven't consumed any media whatsoever in the last week, today is Valentine's Day. If you are in a relationship, make sure you figure something out fairly quickly in that department, if you haven't already. You're welcome, although you're on your own for your anniversary, because how would I know about that?

Happy Valentine's Day, or happy regular day, whatever your preference there may be!

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