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Cementer? I Know Her Well

Since we last checked in, our latest truck has gone from "really coming together in a hurry" to "wow it's almost done, except or a few relatively minor things." Take a look, starting with the overviews down each side. To be honest, I should probably hold these until the end to keep your eyeballs on this page longer, but I'm too excited to think rationally about things like that.

And of course, flipping around...

Other than that missing fender, there doesn't appear to be a whole lot left. We have an engine, we have tanks, we have pumps, we have a console, we have most of the stuff that connects all of those things. Not quiiiiite all of it, but most of it.

Let's work some pump close-ups in. Lots of people can get you a truck, but nobody else can offer one with pumps as finely tuned and as well maintained as ours. It's not a biased opinion if it's straight facts.

Honestly, of the roughly 8258 fluid end pics I've taken in the last year, that one above might be my favorite. This next one, not so much. But I'll post it anyway because I value you guys and think you deserve multiple angles of this hot sauce.

C-pumps are important too. Truthfully, they've always kind of been my favorite, just because I understood how they work a lot earlier than with the plunger pumps. We even did a post about it one time.

Of course, like I mentioned at the top of the post, there are things that aren't quit finished yet if you look close enough (but also wide enough). Here are (at least) three such things, with some closer looks that I snapped just below that.

Here are a couple other random detail shots I like that didn't really fit anywhere else. Believe me, figuring out how to sequence these photos and then having a couple that you just have to throw in at the end is way more frustrating than anything you might be feeling with me right now.

This one will definitely be out for painting fairly soon, then it will be tested before we ship it off of course, so stay tuned after the new year for those updates! And of course, let us know if we can build one for you - this is a twin cementer obviously, but we can put together pretty much any type of truck, trailer, or skid you could ever possibly need, so don't be afraid to challenge us. We like challenges. We'll even try some Mad Max stuff if that's what you want, call for pricing.

Happy one week before Christmas!

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