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Out and In

This will, in all likelihood, be a pretty quick post, partly because it's been a while for one of our fab shop updates (hi there) so it's good just to get our feet wet once again, and partly because of the general status of things, which we'll see in a minute.

360, 398, 441, 448... all gone. What's left of the projects we've highlighted before? Good old WFS-472, although that one's way more done than not at this point too. Let's take a look.

The structure's all there obviously, but we're down to wiring, hydraulics, and hoses. And even those aren't in completely terrible shape.

Remember when cameras had film and it would've been pretty wasteful to take a second picture tilted slightly down from another one? Little do you guys know that I take about ten for every one that gets posted and go with the one that turned out best. But there actually was a point here, I just wanted to show that the actuators weren't actuated yet, which you can't really see in the first one.

Plenty more of that, as well as a second ladder, on the other side.

...and there's the back of the console, if you need it.

I will never be more excited to see a painted pump, I'm just going to let you guys know that right now.

You know how I said earlier that I take ten for every one posted? It was more like 20 for this, partly because focusing was hard with the lighting, partly because I was excited that I actually knew what this is without looking it up. Ignore, for a moment, that it actually says "disc brake" on the side. I knew without that, I promise.

So, with everyone else gone and that guy joining them relatively soon, we're going to need something else. Oh hey, what's this?

I'll spare you guys the 800 photos of it from different angles, but stay tuned, we're going to watch another truck grow up.

Trusting the process,

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