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WFS-481, all posts:

WFS-481, first post:

For today's return to the fab shop, let's swing back and take a look at WFS-481, which was introduced to this blog as an empty chassis last time (link directly above). They write these numbers on the side of the thing so people like me don't get lost.

It now has a big ol' Detroit Diesel engine on it, which is great if you like engines. If you don't like engines, why are you here anyway? Even me, not really a mechanical person, I distinctly remember saying at my job interview for this position, "I don't know what any of this stuff does, but my inner eight-year-old loves it." I urge you all to feed your inner eight-year-old and appreciate some cool machinery.

Here's a better look.

And the other side...

As you can see from that last one, the only other major development we've had so far is the construction of the base for the eventual pumps. Pumps are super heavy, so that thing is no joke.

Annnnnd...that's more or less it for now. I suppose we can pad this thing out a little with the glimpse of the immediate future more or less just hanging out on the floor there.

If you're not sure how to hook up a centrifugal pump, good news, we wrote instructions on the truck. We labeled the flange, mostly because you'd have no idea what it is otherwise. So look for that one to be attached shortly.

There's one on the other side too, because that's how it works. Oh hey, did you know we did a post allll about centrifugal pumps, like how they function and everything? We did, it was a fun day of Google and learning, you should check it out.

Also, the artist in me loves the contrast of that nice, shiny bit of housing at the one end that I'm sure has a more technical name with the rest of that warhorse.

With every other big thing out of the building at the moment for painting (spoiler alert) or other reasons, that's pretty much it for now, so we're going to have to leave it here. But there are definitely some big things coming soon, if what's laying on the ground is any indication, so see you next time for that.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, and try to not kill each other fighting over TVs or whatever after dinner, or whenever you join the mob descending on every retail outlet.

Also, make sure you stock up on basics tonight, you don't want to be that guy with a caffeine addiction who runs out of k-cups on Thanksgiving and has to go to Walmart to buy more because that's the only place open, then you end up in there for an hour waiting in the line that goes halfway around the store for literally that one item. Actual thing that happened to me last year.

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Aug 28, 2021

Good readiing this post

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