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Random Hook-Ups

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Feel free to think that I'm trying too hard to be edgy with that title if you want, but if you're mostly uneducated about this stuff, that's most of what is new with Santa Trai this week (okay...I mean they're not actually random, I was just surprised about what gets connected to what in a couple cases and apparently haven't gotten as far as I thought with my learning process).

Anyway, behold. If nothing else, it certainly explains why all of those valves and unions were lying around last time.

The pump bone is connected to the...other pump bone. Not everything is connected just yet though.

Here are a couple overview shots, just because those are helpful sometimes.

This union has clearly been hammered, and I missed it.

This week, I actually learned that there's a thing called a hammerless union, I used a presentation on them as a starting point for one I had to do. To be fair, it probably is a lot safer when you don't have big, strong people waving sledgehammers around and causing little tiny pieces of things to fly all over. Still, I want to see it before the world goes completely hammerless. Don't worry, I'll wear glasses.

I actually saved some extra time for "closest to the door" today, because it's something I've had my eye on for a bit.

Say hi to everyone eating lunch back there. They're the ones who make all of this fun possible after all, and I appreciate them for it.

I actually took note of the thing a couple weeks ago, and grabbed a few photos of it. Here are two of them.

I don't remember why I took those photos (probably for a "have fun with all that" joke, to be completely honest), but since I did, and since we've now successfully stripped the thing down at some point since January 17th, let's keep an eye on this project as well and see where it takes us.

Here's to new friends,

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