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Two Fronts

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

We have a ton to cover today as the fab shop crew has been quite busy on multiple fronts, so let's get right to it. They say that you shouldn't fight a war on multiple fronts, but the fab shop doesn't care what they think, they'll do it and still win.

First, we have WFS-441, which has continued to come together at a ridiculous pace.

As you may recall from last time, those tanks were present but held in place by a crane, so I didn't want to get too excited about it. Well, that looks pretty much on there to me. Not only that, but we've started to develop a healthy amount of the pipe network as well, which leads to...


...three centrifugal pumps. Nice. That's a lot to take in, but here are a couple more details before we move on.

I won't lie, I always think that last thing is a skull when I see it from a distance. That would be sick though, I'll take that note back there on my next visit - more skull ornamentation, please. I'm sure it will go over well.

Anyway, let's check in on Santa Trai.

Now that the tanks are on, we're more or less at the point where you're going to have to look a little bit to find new stuff. But it is there, I promise:

Honestly, of all of the cool stuff I've seen on my trips to the fab shop, their ability to keep all of those hoses and (elsewhere) wires organized might be the most impressive. Of course, I spent five minutes this morning looking for the SD card with all of these photos on it, so I might be the wrong person to judge organization.

Closest to the door: Brand new state! Brand new state, gonna treat you great!

I may still be relatively new to the oil and gas industry, but I'm great at reading a room, and I just know musical theater is absolutely huuuge with this audience. But seriously Oklahoma, your license plate is where you get to brag about how awesome your state is or at least drop your sleek new convention and visitor's bureau marketing campaign. You elected to go with "OK!"

Yours in passable averageness,

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