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All Downhill

We begin today with Solo, which continues to move along at record* speed.

* records only include three different projects at this point in my career

As has been the case for a little bit now, most of the fun and obvious work has been in the vicinity of the centrifugal pumps on the sides, so let's get a looksie down there.

Pumps are the money shots here, so I'm not really doing my job if I don't get a good one of Mr. Trips in back there. Hopefully that elbow ends up going somewhere, seems like that's kind of important, but it's been a road to nowhere for at least a couple weeks now.

I haven't gone upstairs on Solo yet, so here's me wistfully looking at the platform and data acquisition stuff. Someday, when nobody's looking.

There's no need spend a ton of time on Santa Trai, but one important development is worth mentioning:

Could've sworn there used to be something there. Even the remaining pump is getting a proctological exam.

No need to worry, however. When we (and preferably, you as well) discover an issue with a pump, there's only one place to go: two buildings downhill to our pump shop.

Pretty smart of them to put a little access panel on the side like that. They really do think of everything in this world. In any case, James and the crew will have that thing humming in no time - they are the absolute best at what they do, and that's why I spend a lot of time writing Facebook and Google ads about them.

Of course, just a few feet away from that was this, another reminder of a universal truth.

It's a saw that exists to cut through large, metal rods. Crazy. Literally everything is heavy, and literally everything can hurt you. That's even true of my desk, which is about two feet longer than it needs to be and crushed by finger one time when I dropped something behind it.

Be safe out there,

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