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Bye, Bye, Bye

It's that inevitable day, a happy one to be clear, when we say goodbye to one of our projects, one that's been a pretty regular presence on this blog for several months, WFS-360.

The thing turned out pretty well, we think you'll agree. The truck. And the day. Both of those things.

In case you didn't want to click the link above, here's a look at where we started out. It wasn't really at all the same vehicle, as we basically had to rearrange everything. A little different from starting at zero, as on some of the other projects, but still very, very difficult.

Unfortunately (not unfortunate in the big picture of course, just for our purposes here), our customer on this particular truck handles the painting piece themselves, so the ta-da moment isn't quite what it has been other times, you're going to have to live with that unpainted truck against a beautiful blue sky and our dirt lot.

Still, I can assure you that the thing works great, that's the most important part of course, and I know that because we ran it through testing. And not any ordinary round of testing, either, as many of our company's higher-ups were on hand to help out. Here's proof.

Great job everyone, drinks on me. Wait, no, that's an awful, awful idea. Get back to work, I need more content now.

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