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Cleaning House

Hey everyone!

Just to get the awkwardness out of the way: yes, it's been quite a while. If you were eagerly anticipating something in this space, uh... sorry about that. Congrats on surviving though.

But, good news, I wanted to get this blog out of mothballs because we have kind of a fun project in the fab shop right now that I want to track, just like the old days. This post will just be a quick one to set up some background, then we'll share some photos of the progress as we go. Sound good? Good.

So let's start at the very beginning, with a green frac truck.

If you aggressively follow our marketing activities (hi, thank you), you might be familiar with the vehicle, as it was featured very prominently in our used equipment advertising for quite a while, including this ad that we ran in Tradequip for a couple months.

Quick aside: The other stuff in there is still very much available, so call us.

Here's a better look:

Whatever came of that truck? Well... this. The truck has recently been defracked. That's supposed to be a play on "defrocked," but it wasn't obvious enough for me to not explain it. But whatever you want to call it, all of that stuff that was on there before is not on there now.

Before I had a full grasp of what was going on with that whole situation, I took this photo. It's pretty wild how many things there are to disconnect, that was my main takeaway after seeing this state of affairs, if I'm being completely honest.

I suppose it's probably easier to go in reverse with that one, since it's not like you have to understand where any of it goes or how it works. Give me a toolbox and I could probably do it. Probably. Please don't ask me to do it.

Regardless, (almost) anyone can tear things down, but it takes a true professional to know how to build things up. That's true in both fabrication and in life, so there's a lesson you can take with you. But that's where this truck comes into play.

Here's a family photo. There wasn't a natural place to shoehorn this in, but it did well for us on social, so I'm going to drop it right here regardless.

If it wasn't obvious enough from the "that's where this truck comes into play" comment, we're going to drop a lot of the stuff from the frac truck, including the engine and the pump, on to that nice, clean chassis. Sounds interesting, right? Well, like I said at the top, that's why this blog post - and the few to come - exists.

Hopefully you're as excited as I am to watch it play out, and we'll see you back in this space as things happen!

Happy hump day Mike,

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