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Here's a quick Monday fab shop update on what we'll call our senior active project at this point, WFS-448. No, it hasn't been that long, but there's still some ground to cover, and I know you'd rather spend a couple minutes reading a blog post than working right now. I'm considerate like that.

Anyway, the major event on this one since Thursday? No, it was not these, they were there last time and I just took another photo of them for some reason.

It was this - we have a drive shaft sighting. Always one of my low-key favorites to be completely honest, although maybe not so low-key considering there are probably about 700 pictures roughly similar to this one right on this here blog.

While not quite as dramatic as what's essentially a giant pole that covers most of the length of the truck, there has also been a good bit of work on the various connections around the thing, so here are a few representative shots of couplings, valves, gaskets and everything just so you'll believe me.

I also saw this thing just hanging out.

I like trying to look up information when I see random parts sitting around, it helps me with the learning curve. Sometimes I'll write an entire post just from that jumping off point, although I can more or less promise you that this is going to be some kind of filter, because I'm occasionally smarter than I look. It has all of the filter parts: an in hole, an out hole, and a case shaped exactly like a filter element.

The Hydraulics Division of UFI, or Universal Filter International, what do you know? Just like we saw with relief valves, there's a ton of information about it packed into that not-so-random model number, and they were nice enough to put it online. We'll blow past that one because I'm not doing a standalone post about this right now, but feel free to take a look if you want, I'm not going anywhere.

Oh hey look, I was right about something else: the super mysterious package that was lying on the ground here last time.

Remember kids, "fabrication" means you make it yourself. There's no great significance to the closeup of the latchy-hole thing below, I just thought it looked cool, even if it was impossible to get it perfectly in focus (I mean, maybe not for an actual photographer, but you just have me).

All in all, we're getting there on this one. In fact, my sources with the company (yep, I have sources with my own employer, because I'm really connected like that) tell me that this guy will be all set for painting in just a couple short weeks. Can't wait.

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