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Possibly the most significant development since last time we checked in? I figured out to take overview shots facing away from the open bay doors, and the sunlight originating 93 million miles away, although it might as well be 0.93 miles as far as photography is concerned. Small victories.

As we've mentioned before (and as you can see in the top photo if you look closely), we're mostly into the console stages on this one, getting the wiring and hydraulics ready to go. Here's this if you didn't believe me, as the actuators wait to be actuated.

One of my favorite cave drawings (as I call them) remains...I still think it's one of the coolest things ever how they just write instructions and thinks like that on the vehicle. It's eventually painted over of course, so no worries in that department, and it's certainly harder to lose than a Post-It. Although this one reminds me of a happy robot.

The welding work isn't happy, it's just freaking cool. I still want to do a post all about welding someday, but I'm actually going to have to learn something about it first, all the different kinds of joints and whatnot. I don't claim to be the world's foremost expert on anything after nine months here, but I do need to be able to survive an entire post, preferably without anyone laughing at me.

Engines are always cool.

Okay, I'm posting photos of the road engine, so clearly I'm out of new stuff to show. Let's slide over to 472 quickly.

Looking great over here too, in fact, looking pretty similar in terms of completion status.

We do really great work on control consoles. Even without being an authority on the subject, I know this because people who are authorities brag about them and ask me for photos to show them off to people. Unfortunately, that leads to another reason I know we do great work, the one where I don't publish a ton of photos of them because a lot of the specifics are proprietary and so I have to give a less-than-satisfactory answer on the first thing sometimes.

Obviously the backside is generally okay, and sometimes I'll sneak in an unfinished one from the front, but you guys are going to have to buy one to experience their full glory, sorry.

Obviously it's just a bunch of holes at this point, so this one should be okay.

Generally because of the lighting and because of the complexity of the goings-on underneath, these types of photos typically don't come out too great. This one did, so I'm posting it and wrapping this thing up on a high note.

That's it for now, see you next time!

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