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Dialing it Up

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Hey everyone! Here's your regular, every-other-work-day update on good old WFS-398 in the fab shop here at Summit Sales & Equipment. It's a pet name and totally not a job number written on the side of the thing.

As with last time, not a ton has changed (I suppose if I'm going in there as frequently as I have been, I should stop saying that and give the guys some space to work their magic), but the little that has is definitely something we can talk about for a bit: a new and old inhabitant at the top of the platform.

This is a fascinating development to me, mostly because I had assumed that this control console (visible previously in this post, but subsequently removed) was a goner. But nope, it's apparently getting a second life.

Have you ever sat in the front row at a high-level sporting event and just marveled at the athletic talents of the players, talents that aren't always evident from the nosebleeds or on TV? I sort of had a moment like that when taking a picture of the back of the panel. Like... the fab shop guys have to weld things together, and also be electricians, plumbers, and whatever other skills I don't even know about. It's really kind of amazing when you take a second to think about it.

I didn't bring the right camera lens with me for zooming in on things from a fair distance, and I'm scared of getting yelled at if I try to climb the ladder up there, but let's try to see what's on this thing.

Wow, I actually have at least some notion of what most of those things mean! Big moment for me. "Main power?" Of course. "Wireless cable data port?" Sure, I got all of these photos off of an SD card, after all. "Transmission temperature?" Yep. "Kill switch?" I've heard of those, cool to see one in real life. It will definitely be fun to watch this thing continue to develop as a key piece of the final product.

Here are a few other random things I found new and/or interesting around the vehicle, just to add some variety.

Hey, gotta take rags where you can get them, I guess. "Where you can get them" evidently being the dresser of your youngest child after they've grown out of them.

Let's get an overview shot to close it out, just for some context.

Closest to the door: still Superman's bulk truck (special thanks to helpful reader Dustin B. who corrected my identification mistake on that in the previous post). The hood is down now, so hopefully the engine's running well.

To all who celebrate, have a very merry Christmas! We'll be back next week for more updates, of course!

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