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There's a lot to get to with today's fab shop update, so let's jump right into WFS-360.

Okay....actually there's not a lot to get to, because it all disappeared. Obviously, seeing a truck go up from nothing, the case most of the time, is amazing it its own way, but this one's been really fun to observe. We started with what looked like a finished, if heavily-used truck, and have gradually removed and/or relocated large pieces of it into what is (at least for me at this point) a more familiar pattern.

Apologies for the lighting on a lot of these, by the way. Tricky situation from my point of view - I'm not about to tell them to close the doors on an 8000-degree day so I can get a couple photos. And shooting away from that overwhelming brightness isn't always a great option because the truck cabs are always facing out, and you're mostly not here to see those. We'll all survive though, I promise.

The pump is still there, so let's oversell that one a bit.

You can see in the foreground of that last one that we still have some tank action going on as well, and we've done some fresh work on the supports to make sure they stay in place. Them not staying in place would likely be a bad thing.

If you guys will indulge me for a second, I've been trying to do this shot for literal months. Yeah it's probably supposed to be focused on the far end instead of the near one, but I had to hold the camera well over my head to take it, I'm just happy I got the hole centered after 17 tries.

Ooh, ooh, I bet I know where this is headed.

There's not much left to say about WFS-448, which will be hgoing out for a paint job shortly. I did, however, want to let everyone know that we no longer have paperweights on the back bumper.

This pump that's been there for a long time is, uh, still there. Kind of a wasted photo, sorry about that.

I know this is kind of a nothing picture too, but I just thought it looked fresh and clean, as the kids say. It's nice to change it up from the usual grunge once in a while, even if you have to look on the bottom of a tank to find it.

I was going to do a little tangent on this next one because I thought it might be interesting to explore. I mean it's a giant circle that's always very prominent around the engine area, sounds good to me. Engines are cool and circles are my favorite shape.

Then I zoomed in and saw that it's an air filter. Really. Like literally 80 percent of the stuff I think looks cool turns out to be filters. It's kind of obnoxious, I know what a filter is already and you definitely do, so if you actually read to the end of this post for some reason, toss me the name of a part you want me to deep dive sometime, maybe as soon as next week. This blog has a comment feature, comments on Facebook or LinkedIn (if you're seeing it posted in one of those places) work great too.

Please help,

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