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Updated: Apr 20, 2018

So it's been a while, almost a week, in fact. But there's sort of a good reason. See, when I hiked up to the fab shop on Thursday to take photos for a regular post, there was a problem.


Not to worry though, Santa Trai was simply outside enjoying the weather. It was super nice here (for January) in the middle of last week, so good for her.

Here's a look at the horse responsible for the temporary relocation.

As you can see, going from tons of snow to 50 degrees (and subsequently back, as it turned out) made the whole place quite a mudhole.

You may have noticed that the tanks, the centerpieces of our last update, are now gone. Although, to be fair, remember that they were never really attached, just held in place by a giant crane. In hindsight, it probably is much easier to work with the tanks while they're on the ground and presumably, they were being used to check things like support placement last week.

Speaking of, and back inside today, those things are looking sturdy.

There's also a "floor" going in place underneath where the tanks will return, made of what appears to be grating identical to that of the control panel stand.

Of course, I'm burying the lede a little bit by going on about all of that... see there's something else new today.

Centrifugal pumps! Look, as I've said since...well, late November when I started at Summit Sales & Equipment, you can never have too many pumps on a trailer, and we're now up to three added since the beginning of these posts, with (presumably) a fourth on the way. Let's get a closer look at that second one, since it doesn't have rags on it. Yes, I'm afraid to break something by moving rags for a few seconds, I'll own that.

The absolute finest in American craftsmanship on the casing assembly there, love it.

Closest to the door: another truck. Completely different one from last time. It does look like the possible beginnings of another interesting project though. If you look closely, you can see the guys who do all of this amazing work eating lunch (I go in during their lunch so I'm not in the way).

See you Wednesday, unless the thing ends up outside again!

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