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Full Steam Ahead

While it hasn't been super long since our last update, I wanted to jump back in quickly because things are moving relatively quickly, particularly when it comes to new project WFS-460 and new-old project WFS-448. But also, I wanted to make one more introduction as we move forward. We'll get to that one in a bit.

That looks different.

Could've sworn there was an engine there, literally like two days ago. Let's take a quick look around to make sure the rest of it is still present.

For better or worse, things do seem relatively intact. And definitely for worse, someone here likes Cherry 7-up. The humanity. Meanwhile, I almost tripped over this while taking these photos.

472? That sounds different. Let's investigate.

These thing looks a little different without the shadows from the giant tanks all over them. And there is way, way more going on than I'm able to sort out. Luckily, I'm just paid to take pictures and make snarky comments like that.

Pump's looking a little rough...although a lot of times, pumps tend to be a book-cover situation I've noticed, meaning that they often work better than they look. Sometimes not, that's true, but the good news is that we have a pump shop in the next building over (literally ten feet and a door from my desk, in fact) to take care of things like that if needed.

So what do you guys think? Haha like you get a vote.

Let's swing over to 448 to close this ou...whoa.

Here's what it looked like in the last post, in case you forgot or don't feel like clicking around.

Uhhh...good work boys and girls. Way to keep things moving. Speaking of "moving," see you next time, undoubtedly with more fab shop awesomeness, especially as far as these projects are concerned.

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