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Getting Tanked

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

On some days, as we've learned together, you have to stretch for something to say and really test out your writing talents. On others, there are giant tanks dropped on to Santa Trai (I named it Santa Trai, since it's a New Mexico native, Santa Fe is a city in New Mexico, and it translates to "Saint Trailer") and you can just shut up and post a bunch of photos, since everything is pretty much evident.

At the risk of looking like a complete idiot, when I saw the situation depicted in that last picture, I was like "wait...that's no good, am I about to be crushed to death?" Then I sort of looked around, then finally up.

Yeah, a ten-ton crane seems like it would be pretty helpful in situations like this. I'd probably treat the entire fab shop like a giant claw machine if I had access to something like that, which is why they don't let me have access to things like that.

More welding to come, clearly.

While the tanks dominated the post today, there is one other thing I want to point out: our pump in the back might be on the verge of getting a neighbor, as the base where it will eventually sit has received some work.

Closest to the door...

We have a new truck in that last spot. I'm not going to give away a ton just yet, in case it's still around for my next few trips over and I need something to write about it (learning from previous mistakes here), but I will say that the thing is tall, even by truck standards. I'm roughly 5-10 and pointed the camera straight out for the photo above.

Here's to cliffhangers,

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