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Goin' Up on a Tuesday

We're going to stick mostly to Santa Trai this time, for reasons (well, reason) you'll see below. The book says that 300 words is the magic number for company blog posts or you guys will get bored and stop reading. We always do a lot of pictures which hopefully keep your interest and allow us to sometimes push it on word count a little (this one clocks in at a fairly tight 325, if you want to know). This paragraph isn't exactly helping in that regard, so let's get on with it, starting with the standard "down the side" pic.

Some more fab shop graffiti. I'll let you write your own joke with "curb side" (on the elbow there, if you can't see) and "pass rear."

I fully realize that I've already talked about air actuator number 5 here, but putting together the function of an air actuator with the buttons and the diagram on the control panel upstairs was a big moment for me, please let me have it.

Cool. Hey, you guys kind of sick of the same photos? Because same. But look, there's a ladder right there, let's use it...

Confession: I thought that was a frowny face on the valve handle there when I first saw it. To be fair, you could toss a Mr. Yuk on pretty much anything here and not be wrong about it.

Looking inside the tank wasn't quite the "pow" moment I was going for there. It's big, empty and dark, that's about it.

Other than the controls and data acquisition that's...pretty much it. I mean, it's not like it's a huge platform to begin with. Still, it was cool to get up there and see a couple new things, as well as a couple old things from a different angle.

Closest to the door: our forklift now has a friend.

Sorry if you have to be back at work today. So do I, clearly,

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