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Just Getting Started

As promised last time, here are the other two projects from our latest spin around the fab shop, since it would've been ridiculous to try fitting four things in one post. First up, Solo. And from the look of things, our time with him (?) is winding down.

Yep, yep.


A little dirty, but no wires there. That's always a big one.

Yeah, that's good too. We even threw the license plate on there. So we're just about good to go. As regular readers surely know, I'm really going to miss this:

Here's the truck part of the truck, because trucks are cool and we don't give them enough attention.

In some ways, it's an ending. But in one very important and very obvious way, the best part is still to come.

On the other end of the spectrum (well not all the way on the other end, but closer to it), we have WFS-360. And, I'll be completely honest while staying PG for the kids out there, this is very, very bonkers.

Why do I say it's very, very bonkers? Glad you asked. It's because we're essentially rearranging large parts of this truck, from what I can tell. Seriously, here's the first post where I talked about this project. The pump was kind of in the middle, directly underneath the platform, and there was a tank kind of hanging behind it, just above the wheels. Even further back, we had the ladder to get up and a sort of weird, circuitous route to the control panel. Now, it more closely resembles a majority of the trucks we crank out.

I mean you don't have to look if you don't want to look (although thanks for the pageview if you did), as long as you trust me on that one.

Speaking of that platform and that control panel, maybe don't go up there just yet without the required safety equipment.

I think that's new since last time. Please don't check my work on that though.

Basket theory says there's plenty more fun to come here...yeah okay, it's admittedly emptier than you'd expect at this stage, but there's that water bottle, which means someone used it as a trash can, so that's sort of an automatic.

Stay tuned, after you have an amazing weekend anyway!

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