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Naming Names

Our latest dispatch from the fab shop begins with a big moment: old 441 got its fender back.

It seemed bigger in my head.

That's better.

I think I'm going to start calling this one Solo, just because it's the first single-pump truck (single plunger pump, I should say) we've focused on in this space. No, it wasn't at all influenced by a nine-figure advertising budget. Also, don't tell Disney, thanks.

Let's take a quick look up and down the side here.

That piping there has definitely been finished off a bit since last time.

This reminds me of the time I got a blue phone. Or so I thought, until the blue part peeled off. It was heartbreaking, but a reminder to enjoy beauty while you can, because it's often temporary.

There's not a ton else to review here, but I took this picture because (like I think I've mentioned already) I'm working on sort of a parts "highlight" catalog right now, and it's always cool to see them in action, since most of what I work with are the standard well-let, white-background product photos and other shots of them stacked in the warehouse.

Over on Santa Trai, things are also mostly status quo for now, as we moved past the point where big, obvious things are added a while ago. A lot of the remaining work has to do with connecting everything to each other, to valves and gauges, to the data acquisition system, and to anywhere else they need to be connected.

It's fairly well established that blue is my favorite color, so when I see a whole spool of newly-added bright blue hose, that's going to pique my interest.

On two, on two. Ready, break!

Closest to the door: everything I have left in the tank for this week.

Happy Friday!

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