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New and Old Friends

With work winding down on some of the projects we've featured in this place, it's probably time for some new blood. So, for your consideration, there's this guy, formally known as WFS-360:

I'd noticed this one out in the yard for a while, and it looks like we caught it pretty early. Basket Theory seems to confirm that.

Good enough. Let's get acclimated, with a few more photos, we'll need these in order to be amazed by the progress later.

Imma need a spaghetti bowl ruling on that one. Really wish I knew who said that to me way back in January, that would be super helpful right now.

This next one is not a new project per se, but it's one that had sort of been shuffled to the back burner for a while. But now, with the deck cleared a bit, we can give it a renewed focus. Don't worry, we didn't miss a whole lot.

Those three things are new since the last time we checked in on old 448, just to keep the records clean. These 1502 union holders too, acutally. It would appear that they are not attached yet.

I'll tell you that the paper just includes the spacing of those holders if you promise to quit asking about our proprietary information, cool?

Plenty more to come on both of these of course, but for now, it's great to get (re-acclimated).

Have a great weekend! Oh, by the way, be sure to like us on Facebook - we run a contest every Friday for a chance to win free merch, including the Carhartt hats that I like enough to wear every day at work.

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