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On the Level

Let's lead off today with a quick look at Santa Trai. "Quick" because there isn't a ton to update since late last week. Other than whatever that guy underneath is doing, I guess.

Here's the other side, just for posterity.

Wait, is that gate thingy new? Even if it isn't, let's just go with it. I don't remember seeing it before.

Filters are always a favorite shot.

Meanwhile, the newly-christened Solo is still looking hot. But never forget that it used to be called "Oops," for still-visible reasons.

Mistakes happen. I've made them on this very blog. But drawing extra attention to it by writing "oops" next to it is an absolute boss move, there's no other way to put it. "Yeah, I made a mistake, so what? I'm going to find a positive and do something kind of funny with it that Kyle in marketing can talk about for literal months afterwards." Good on you, anonymous fab shop employee.

Moving on...

Sometimes, I hear it from people for taking too many close-ups. That's understandable. Overviews are the money shots, the things you put on brochures and sponsored Facebook posts (hey, have you liked our rapidly-growing Facebook page yet?), as they show the full force of the awesomeness of our finished trucks. You will most certainly get plenty of overview photos of Solo when it's finished.

But, for now, I can't get enough of the craftsmanship, that's why I love the close-ups. I think about the several layers of work that went into every one of these pieces, from drafting to welding, and the precision all of that requires for any of this stuff to work the way it's supposed to. It's pretty cool if you give that one even five seconds of thought.

Like I just said. Levels certainly help with that whole "precision" thing.

I honestly can't tell if that's any different from last time, but watching these c-pumps has probably been my favorite part of this one.

Plug valve! I know that one! Just don't ask me why we have 800,000 different kinds of valves that we use, I'm not there yet.

Guessing that doesn't go of my theories is that you can tell a lot about the progress of a truck from these bin things on the back. Clearly we have some ground left to cover here.

Closest to the door: I don't know why we don't have 300 of these here, everything's so heavy.

Happy Hump Day, Mike!

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