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With work continuing to wind down on WFS-360, I thought it was the right time to jump up on the platform of the thing and take a quick tour. By "right time," of course, I mean "the ladder was already down and there was no risk of me making an awkward amount of noise while everyone was eating lunch," of course. Regardless...

I figured we'd start with the tanks, since they're pointed towards the bay door, making the ability to take a decent photo of them somewhat limited. The good news is that if you get close enough, you can mostly avoid the sun and also pretend it was for artistic purposes. LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIFUL DRILL BITS. LOOK AT THEM.

Rotating clockwise, we have...the other tank. Going back and thinking about how my knowledge of things has evolved over the last 10 months, I was actually very surprised at the amount of fab work that goes into these - at one point, I definitely thought that you just sort of got these in a (very) large box and threw them up there.

Also, I still may not be an expert on all of this stuff, but I don't think that's going to be nearly enough water.

I definitely want to do a post on how all of the mixing stuff works eventually. Someone remind me in maybe a month or so.

Had to swing down here, because there's a plug valve handle, and regular readers might remember how much I geeked out the first time I saw that how this setup went off. In fact, looking back at it now, it was this exact plug valve on this exact truck. It's fun to get nostalgic once in a while, and it's certainly been fun to see how much easier it makes things when the thing's operational, like during testing. Or the real thing obviously, but I don't get to see that.

At a 180 from where we started, the controls have come into view...this truck's a little bit different from some others I've seen with an L-shaped platform and the front of the console immediately to the right when you get up the ladder, it definitely threw me off at first, because I'm not that smart.

Of course, the advantage of that is it being a lot easier to see and/or get to the back of the thing without bringing another stepladder into the mix. Clearly, we're not quite done yet, the wiring and hydraulics are always the biggest tells there.

Okay, you guys earned me sneaking in an overview shot at the end. Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

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