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We're back up in the fab shop today for another weekly check-in on our frac truck project. The usual housekeeping: you can see all of our posts about it right here, if you need or want to get caught up. It really is an interesting one (it's why we decided to talk about it here, after all), so I'd recommend doing so.

Anyway, the most blatantly obvious change from last time is that we've continued building up the platform, to the point where it now has most of a railing.

Here's the other side, because we are nothing if not thorough here.

Those railings and those steps, of course, mean that it's safe for an untrained marketing donkey, so let's climb aboard. Look at this view!

This was supposed to be my big end-of-the-post mic drop, but I liked it too much to wait for that. I always love getting upstairs in the fab shop because everything that looks kind of chaotic from the ground suddenly becomes really well organized with a bird's eye view.

Let's swing over and take a look at the back end, which I mentioned as being pretty intriguing last time. It still is.

I'm not sure why, but I've always been fascinated by our bumpers. I think it's because they're largely the same across the different vehicles, so that's comforting, and I've also used them as the focal point for the couple of times I've made a "progress" animation because in most cases (although not this one), it's the one easily-identifiable similarity between the "before" and "after." Anyway, there's that.

Okay, the pumps aren't entirely new, but we sort of specialize in them, so they're always going to be a star attraction, just sort of how it works. It's hard to tell from these three photos (although you can see one of the tracks in the first and last ones, and yes, there's a very good reason I don't take a wider angle back here, it's called sunlight), but this entire assembly is going to be able to move up and down. Up when you're drivin', down when you're frackin'. Pretty cool.

Bet I can figure out where that's going.

End of pipe, end of post.

Kyle, for the last time, these are just filters, chill.

Happy Friday!

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