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Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Today I decided to take a hike over to the fab shop to see what the guys over there had going on. They're in Building 3 of the Summit Sales & Equipment complex, our offices are in Building 1, and it's really cold out, so you're welcome for that. Anyway, what they had going on was lunch, mostly, but that's on purpose - I don't want to get in the way and/or get myself killed by tripping into a blowtorch (or whatever the most dangerous thing over there is) while looking in a camera viewfinder.

I was a bit lucky that I chose to go today, because it looked like they had just started on a project, so that produced a plan, of sorts: check back in on it every so often and track its progress. It might eventually be featured on our main website if all goes well, but you guys will see it first. Although there isn't much to see just yet, it's mostly just wires and hoses and stuff all over the place. But for purposes of a thorough documentation, here it is.

I almost got distracted for a second. Hey there, beautiful.

Until next time,

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