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Preventive Maintenance for 600s Triplex Pump: The Ultimate Guide

If getting the job done, while enjoying a safe working environment, is on the top of your priority list, then preventive maintenance is something you have to practice continuously!

Your pump is a key component to keeping the system flowing!

Keeping up with the regular preventive maintenance of your
600s Triplex Pump is essential for optimal performance. Not only will it help extend the pump's lifespan, but it also minimizes potential downtime caused by breakdowns, improves water pressure and flow rate, and ensures an overall safe working environment.

During the first 100 Hours of new pump operations it is vital to follow the preventive maintenance steps listed:


Preventive maintenance is a proactive approach to sustaining your pump and its overall efficiency. It involves daily upkeep duties such as cleaning, lubricating, inspecting, and troubleshooting. It helps to locate minor problems early on that may have gone undetected longer than they should have and can prevent small errors from escalating into bigger issues.

Summit Sales & Equipment understands the importance of preventive maintenance for pumping systems, and therefore suggests creating a regular checklist of maintenance activities. This post contains Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly checklists specifically designed to keep 600s triplex pumps in working condition.
Download these checklists now to prevent any future breakdowns.
Here at Summit
Sales & Equipment, our experts are eager to help you get the most out of your operations, and preventive maintenance is one of the best ways to do this.

A thorough preventive maintenance program will ensure top service, minimize symptoms of wear and tear and keep your equipment running smoothly. Our team is here to help you achieve maximum success!

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