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Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Let's not waste any time today, because even with the Christmas weekend between the last post and this one, there's a lot to show off on our spotlight project. Unless you're here to read my writing which, of course, you're not.

Most significantly, the star of our show will be this glorious triplex pump that has now been mounted on to the back. Am I impressing you by knowing that "triplex" is the one with three thingies and "quintuplex" is the one with five thingies? No? Worth a shot, but yeah, that one was easy to figure out.

The other major change: a barrier added to the platform. Safety first, kids.

A few other goodies...

We're gonna need a bigger broom.

When there's a mask and a tank containing 90 percent argon and 10 percent carbon dioxide out, you know someone's having fun later.

Big Daddy is still closest to the door, although Cintas guy does not approve. Of me, not the truck.

See you Friday,

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