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Reaching a New Level

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

For those of you who aren't regular readers (and why not, I'm very entertaining), I'm currently in the middle of a series tracking the work in the fab shop here at Summit Sales & Equipment from (close to) the beginning of a job to the end. The first post dropped this past Thursday, in case you need to get caught up. It's a one-minute read with lots of pictures, according to Wix's calculations, so I'm not asking much there.

Anyway, I'll mostly sit back and let the photos add their thousand words each, because that's better than me trying to type it out, but there are already a couple pretty visible differences from Thursday's post.

  1. Those wires and hoses...yeah they're still everywhere, but they're largely a controlled chaos now instead of just a regular chaos. I'm still new here, but that strikes me as falling under the category of vitally important, but not fun because the progress isn't as obvious as with, say...

  2. Rebuilding a platform, which is another thing that has happened (the title of this post is so, so bad, I know, but that's where I was going with it). You might remember that rusty control panel area being one of the more prominent things in the photos from last time, but it (and the ladder going up to it) are gone as well.

Not unexpectedly, there was a pretty solid trash pile going.

IMPORTANT SKID UPDATE: These are still waiting to head home.

Here's to progress,

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