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Sometime After Lunch

As I've said before in these posts, when I go to the fab shop, I generally do so at 11:00 because it coincides with their lunch break. There's no great mystery to that one: I'm trying to stay out of the way. However, due to my schedule or perhaps some other random reason, going at some other time is unavoidable on occasion.

But it's also rewarding, because you get some cool looking photos as well as more perspective on what goes into all of the awesomeness we produce. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

Okay it might be time to stop. Some people you just don't photograph, and Frank there is a lot bigger than me. Regardless, cheers to the hard-working crew in Building 3 on all of the amazing stuff they do back there.

Most of you are probably here for an update on Solo, and of course, I'm happy to oblige.

We spend most of our attention on the pumps in one way or another, including their mechanics, what's feeding them, what's driving them, what they're pumping, etc. And that's fair, they're sort of one of our major specialties. But man, the road engines on these giant trucks are pretty cool too, and if they don't bring out your inner six-year-old, are you even alive? The hood's up, so it's nice to get that quick appreciation in.

It might not be super obvious from appearances, but work is actually winding down on this one and there's not much left to talk about, unless you want me to joke about the pipe leading to nowhere for the third time. Within a couple weeks, Solo will be off to get a paint job, and from that point, there won't be a ton of questions in the "appearances" area.

Not today, Mr. Ladder Assembly, but we'll put a pin in that one as we start to scan the field for new projects to spotlight.

Had to go between a truck and a hard place to get out. I'm sure Frank is somehow responsible, he looked pretty mad.

Have a safe weekend everyone! Contrary to what you may have heard, Saturday night is not alright for fighting, hug it out and squash those beefs.

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