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Stepping Up

Welcome back to our weekly updates on our fab shop's frac truck project! If you want to catch up, you can do so using the WFS-591 tag that we're putting on all of these posts. Wooster Fab Shop, sequential number. There, now you can feel like you work here.

Given that most of the things on this truck serve the end goal of getting stuff through a big ol' plunger pump in one way or another, I guess we should start with the fact that we have a fluid end on said pump once again. It's not the same one as originally, but that's okay, that one was stupid in some way I'm sure.

Other people are in charge of testing these things (thankfully so, because you definitely do not want that out of me), but I'm calling another winner from the boys* in the pump shop on this one. WPS-2539, if you're keeping score at home.

* there aren't any girls in the pump shop, don't be that person

You can see there that the platform has filled out a little bit too. We were putting the structure in place last time, and now the grate is on there as well. Let's get a little artsy on that one, while we think about how much heavier a solid block of that would be. That's what I was doing anyway.

Let's move on to the epicenter of the work on my most recent mission up there, accessorizing the engine.

To be honest, it was heartbreaking when I sort of figured out that most of the visibly prominent things around the engine are filters. Filters are important of course, but they're not as cool as, say, controlled explosions. They look cool at least.

I wanted to take a closer look at those steps on the front of the fender, because I'm a fan. Why slap an unwieldy ladder on the side of the thing like a clown when you can do this?

One more place to check in quickly: directly in back, where we have a tub that looks like it took a fair amount of welding work and a second Sandmaster. We're just about set to absolutely dominate some sand.

It feels like there's still a lot to come back there, and what we have so far looks interesting, so I'm sure it will be at the beginning of the post instead of the end one of these times.

I don't know who KC is, but he has some big nipples.

See you next week!

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