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Strike a Pose

Thirsty Thursday. WFS-448 and WFS-360, in that order. Let's go.

Pumps are a pretty large part of why you're here, and I feel like maybe I'm not giving them their due anymore. In a few short months, I went from basing entire posts around the event of a truck getting pumped (back in December, I quite literally wrote a post called "Pumped") to only giving the event a casual mention, as happened last time when 448 got the first of these beasts. It now has two.

But, here they are, stare as long as you want, it helps our site's stats and therefore our Google rankings. While doing that, you also might notice that relief valve there, obviously we just talked about those, and in the interest of professionalism I'm going to hold off on making a joke about its shape for the second time. Don't pretend like you weren't thinking it. But seriously, they're a neat little device there, read my post.

So we've installed our twin triplexes, what else is new?

Ooh, ooh I bet I know what's in that present.

To be honest, that's most of it this time around. So I got a little artistic on the details from there.

I'm sure you guys stopped giggling about how these are called nipples in roughly 1976, right? But that cheap setup wasn't really why I included this photo - it's here mostly for the welding work. It might be easy to forget sometimes when it's not what you're doing every single day, but not a whole lot of this stuff comes prêt-à-porter (it's French, it's a fashion term, and it makes sense here, I promise). You need a support that leaves an opening at the bottom for a hose? You're making it yourself.

You want the thingy that holds the fender thingy up to have wings with holes? It ain't like that on the price list chief, go get a torch and one those masks that makes you look like Iron Man. It's "fabrication" not "fabri-assemble a model from a kit."

Moving on...360 here is still looking more gutted than an English soccer fan right now, but if nothing else, it's at least taken on that familiar shape after a ton of rearrangement.

It kinda freaked me out when I saw the ghost of the word "cementing" on there for the first time, since I looked at the thing like 100 times before noticing it.

Yep, thing's basically a treehouse right now, not that there's anything wrong with that. Just so I have something of substance to show, here's the engine.

These, I assume, will be joining the party shortly. See you then I suppose!

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