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Tear Down and Build Up

Back to the fab shop we go... we technically have four projects we're examining right now, which is kind of a lot for one post, so we'll hit two right here, then get the other two in a couple days. Sound good?

WFS-472 is looking very...empty at the moment. Comparing it with photos from last time, it seems like most of that is just because the pump has been completely removed. Still, the pumps are huge if you haven't noticed. And that warhorse definitely looked like it needed some work. Luckily it's in good hands here.

The lighting in that place is absolute murder, especially when it's sunny out. But hopefully you at least get the idea there.

Seeing what I can best describe as the initial teardown with the trucks is low key one of my favorite parts of the process. For whatever reason that I don't fully understand, these things come in so many different oddball configurations, and a lot of work goes into sort of normalizing the thing. WFS-360 (which is one of those going in the next post and not in here, sorry) is an even better example.

From much further along, we have WFS-448. As we've mentioned, the progress on this one has been absolutely stellar, and where the pump gods taketh away with 472, they giveth here - that SPM there is new from last time.

Still looking to keep that sheet of paper from flying away there. This c-pump is...not new. I thought it was when I took the photo, sorry (again) about that.

That platform seems super luxurious compared to some others. I don't have the square footage to back me up on that, unfortunately.

Pallet full of random butterfly valves, if you need it. Speaking of loose parts, I wonder what's left to do on this thing.

Well, there you have it. See you next time for, probably, most of that stuff.

Thanks Frank!

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