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The Link-Up: 12/13

Welcome back to The Link-Up, your weekly rundown of our favorite stories from the past seven days in the oil and gas industry!


Reserves are at record levels and prices are down (you guys are literally too good at your jobs, apparently). So, the obvious answer to both situations is more pipeline and getting rid of the surplus product in new markets, right? Basic supply and demand, with pipeline helping out on both of those curves. Well, that's a whole thing, because as much as people argue about the drilling itself, the midstream segment involves plenty of politics as well. But here's a retired firefighter to assure you that pipelines are super safe, and even if something were to happen, his (former) co-workers have it covered.

Tiffin Advertiser-Tribune

Back here in Ohio, first responders also have high-end oil and gas training available to them, thanks to the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program, a 20-year-old non-profit organization. OOGEEP has trained more than 1500 firefighters in eight states according to a spokesperson, with this specific workshop taking place just down the road from Summit's HQ in Apple Creek, OH. The training experience of Kyle Blausey, who is with the Fostoria (OH) Fire Division, is the centerpiece of this article.


Oh COME ON. Help us help you. Help us help you.

Spectrum News

Know what we need to feel better? A bunch of production and job growth stats, presented in video form by Mike Chadsey, the OOGA spokesperson who frequently appears in this space.

Farm and Dairy

If you're not in a position to watch video at work, hey we've all been there, even though I frequently watch videos as part of my job, it's still a little awkward when people walk by and you want to be like "no, it's work-related, I promise." Anyway, if you have that problem too, here's some nice data in text and graphic form. I liked it so much that I...let's go with "borrowed" one of their graphics and adapted it for our social media.

Associated Press

Just a few weeks after the defeat of Prop 112 in Colorado, setbacks are once again in the spotlight, although in a much less potentially-disastrous way. At issue here is the still-in-place 1000-foot minimum from schools, with the discussion involving changing the measurement to take place from not only school buildings, but also outdoor facilities like playgrounds and fields. COGA's okay with that, so I suppose we are too.

North American Shale Magazine

Let's close this one on some good news, eh? Tiny Hannibal, OH, located on the Ohio River right in the heart of the shale region, got $20 million to upgrade its transload facility, where gas goes from pipeline to truck. Or barge, if you prefer, since they're on a big river connected to an even bigger river and eventually, the ocean. So there's a nice piece of infrastucture, at least.

See you next week!

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