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The Process

At some point (probably about the time I shared a completed project earlier this week), it occurred to me that when I write these blog posts (like this one will be), I sort of expect a lot from all of you. Essentially, I'm sort of jumping straight into these projects at intervals and without much context, more or less expecting that you've been around the whole time, or at least want to click through a lot of things.

Not only is that bad marketing, it also pretty much defeats the entire purpose of these posts, which is more or less to show you how we can create awesomeness out of something that's decidedly not awesome. If you're only flying in for a single post and seeing a couple trucks in various stages of (in)completion, you might not be getting that.

No worries, I'm here to help. First, I'd like to point out that I use tags on here, including one for each individual project featured. Go down to the very bottom of any post, under my signature, and you'll see a bunch of sharing icons as well as the tags for that post. Click any tag to see all of the posts about that project.

Here are the two I'm going to show today:



Or, if you want to cut right to the chase, here are the first posts where we mentioned those projects, in other words, our best-available before picture.



I'm going to try to remember to include that information in each post going forward (without the long explanation, don't worry), and you now also know how to find it if I forget. Cool?

Anyway, back to business. Let's start with 472, because that thing's blown all the way up since we last checked in on it a couple weeks ago. Back then, if you don't feel like clicking through, the pump had been temporarily removed, leaving mostly just an engine, traces of a platform and a ton of stray connections. Here's what we have now.

Whenever tanks come into play for the first time, the thing's obviously going to fill out pretty quickly. And while we still have to put the platform back into place (not to mention the controls and everything else that goes with that), we still seem to have hit that crucial tipping point between "skeleton" and "incomplete truck."

Obviously, these aren't done either, and I assume they're next up.

Over on 360, we have some solid action as well. Obligatory overviews:

As you can see, things have filled in quite nicely since last time, when we had a pump and the beginnings of a general framework, but not much else. Now, it's starting look like it's well on the way, even if the hydraulics aren't all the way there and not everything is connected to something else just yet.

Those c-pumps were sitting on the ground not too long ago, so we'll call that a solid win.

That drive shaft was on the ground last time too. Now it's not. Cool.

Truck exhaust pipes are low-key one of my favorite things ever. I think people started calling arms "pipes" because that's sort of where they end up on Optimus Prime. At least the original version of him, in the movie version you can't really tell where all of the truck stuff is after he transforms.

Have a great weekend!

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