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Updated: Apr 20, 2018

So first, the bad news: there hasn't been a whole lot of (visible) work done on our spotlight project since last time. No worries of course, when you make a hard commitment to go in every other work day, and when a major holiday occurs between visits, that's going to happen sometimes. Let's just get a quick look at where we are with it.

Now, the good news: let's use the opportunity to see what else lives in the Summit Sales & Equipment fab shop at the moment. I'm sure you regular readers are getting tired of staring at the same stuff all the time anyway.

First off, apologies for the lighting on a lot of these. I know it may be shocking to many of you, but the fab shop was not designed with photography in mind, and I'm guessing the day I'm allowed to move these beasts around just for the sake of making a picture look a little better is not imminent.

An amazing start. Here's some more of "WFS-441 OOPS" which, if you're standing on the wall with the garage doors and facing the fronts of the vehicles, is immediately to the left of our featured project.

Immediately to the right, we have this pretty lady. I believe it's what the people who know what they're talking about call a body load double, which I know because I spent most of my morning working with a photo labeled as such.

The photo I was working with had a bunch of red pipes on the back, so I assume that's part of the work involved here.

#ohioprobs, am I right?

This next guy has been around for a while, and I have no idea why (it's certainly not alone in being a thing with a bunch of pipes), but it kind of reminds me of the Wonkamobile.

Was Grandpa Joe not the worst? Guy lays in bed for a couple decades while Charlie's mom is double-shifting doing laundry or whatever so they can make cabbage water. Then Charlie gets a golden ticket and Grandpa Joe's up singing and dancing. And, of course, Charlie invites him to tour the factory because they bonded over the contest instead of giving his mom a day off and getting someone to cover her job. Anyway...

I'm happy to report that the Superman truck is gone, so the new closest to the door is this pallet of flanges. We sell flanges, (330) 264-1153 or if you need some.

Oh wait, we're not quite done yet, because look at this beauty parked outside.

I love the oil/gas drops on the screen going down the one side. It's a bit of artistic flair you don't generally expect from heavy industrial equipment.

Talk to you Friday,

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