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There's a Ladder

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Hey everyone, I'm back with yet another update on our spotlight project from the fab shop at Summit Sales & Equipment!

Just to keep things tidy, here are the first two installments from this series, if you need to catch up:

This will be a quick one because, I'll be totally honest with you guys, things don't look drastically different from Monday. The platform has had some additional work done (notably, it now has its own ladder, so the stepladder previously there is no longer necessary) but that's the majority of what's visible and obvious. However, I want to stay on schedule with this thing and be scientific about it - we're going to get in there every other work day, show you whatever there is to show for better or for worse, and the payoff will be phenomenal, I promise!

Hopefully you don't mind, but I got a bit artistic with the photography since the overviews aren't entirely necessary this time. Don't tell anyone, but I'm still learning how to use a camera that can't even check Twitter.

One bit of important news: the pump skids near the door have departed. Definitely have a bit of a case of the sads over that one, hopefully their new owners enjoy them. The thing now closest to the front door (hey, maybe this can be a regular feature) is this batch mixer truck (UPDATE: actually a bulk truck) that was previously owned by Superman. That's pretty cool, who doesn't love Superman?

Feeling super,

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