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Twin Peeks

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Hi everyone, welcome back to our ongoing updates on the first thing that caught my attention at the Summit Sales & Equipment fab shop!

One quick order of business before we get started. Yes, I did miss a scheduled post on Wednesday. I did not, however, miss a scheduled visit to the fab shop. I went up there, took some pictures, and decided that what came out wouldn't make an interesting enough post. I know the little preview thingy on this blog says that most of these posts are roughly a two-minute read, but your two minutes are important to me. More important than my own two minutes, clearly, since I went through that effort and produced nothing from it. Anyway, we'll play it that way going forward - I'll continue to visit every other day, and I'll post about it whenever there's something cool.

Today, there was something cool.

It even has an angelic glow, as if descended from the heavens. Or a crane. Probably that, actually.

I assume Tony was at least partly responsible for getting this beast installed this week. Thanks Tony! Okay, I'll shut up and just post a few pump and pump-related photos, since that's probably why you're here.

I was pretty proud of that last one, to be honest. I'm kind of curious to know what my photographer friend Allyssa thinks of it, but not curious enough to risk negative feedback.

So, in any case, we now have matching (well, after they're painted, anyway) triplex pumps on Santa Trai. However, there were a couple other developments this week that I'd like to highlight before leaving all of you to your respective weekends. Unless you're a person who works on the weekend, sorry about that, if so.

Remember those centrifugal pumps we looked at on Monday? At the time, they weren't really connected to anything (well, besides the body of the trailer, obviously), but things have come along quite a bit in that area. That pipe at the bottom center also connects on the other side, so we're getting something there and pumping it into a tub. Nice. Hopefully I'm on the right track there.

The tank supports are getting there as well...the tanks themselves have been MIA since the day they were suspended in place, but they were pretty legit looking, so yeah having a bunch of these will probably help.

It is helpful to write things down sometimes. In fact, money where my mouth is, here's where I scribbled down the file names for all of these photos so I knew which one to upload when I wanted to talk about it. The numbers on the right are actually for an entirely different set of photos for something else I'm working on. I'm sure this is exactly what they had in mind when they left three notepads on my desk for my first day here.

Closest to the door...well, technically, it's been bags of drying compound all along. See the door there? Don't worry, the answer you actually wanted in this space wasn't that interesting today.

Have a great weekend, even if you're working!

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