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Underneath it All

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Hey everyone! We're back for yet another update on our trailer project out at the fab shop. It's the last one of the year though, so it's going to have to hold you over for a bit. Who doesn't love the guy that makes jokes like that? And by "love," I mean "hate."

Anyway, the main event this time around, while not quite as drastic as dropping a pump on to the thing, is still pretty important: said pump is now being connected to where it needs to go in order to be functional, via a pipe and what I'm guessing is some sort of a drive shaft.

Secondarily, work is continuing on the control panel upstairs. You may remember that about a week ago we looked at the panel, but it appears as if the whole thing is getting reworked - I didn't include a picture of the opposite outward-facing side, but it's been stripped down quite a bit from what was seen previously.

Yikes, have fun with that. Shoutout on the foresight to at least label the wires, I imagine that's pretty helpful.

I do think it's important to remember that even though this update may not be the splashiest in terms of the obvious changes that make updates, well, splashy, there's always an entire world of less-visible work that needs to happen underneath, and it appears as though that's an emphasis at the moment.

There were also more tools laying out than I've ever seen before, so that could mean something big is coming. Or it could mean nothing at all. It's the tremendous insight that makes this blog such an enjoyable read, to be honest.

If you find a tray to catch all of the fluid stuff that pours out of the various hoses and pipes as you're working on them, you don't have to use all of your drying compound and sweep up after.

The Superman truck and its big booty is still closest to the door. Hopefully not for much longer, since I'm running out of angles and ways to keep it interesting.

Happy new year!

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